Online Stores

What Is an Online Store?

An online store sells products through the Internet. The products can be physical, digital or financial. The store is run by a person or company. An online store may have its office in one city but its products can be ordered from any other place. Some online stores sell only their own products while other stores allow independent sellers to list products. An online seller may offer shipping to any location in the world or only to the local customers. Payments are made through digital payment gateways. Online shopping has made it easier to buy all types of products. Buyers can order products anytime from anywhere. Many offline stores operate their online store as well. They use cantilever racking to stock products.

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What Are the Examples of Online Stores?

Amazon, eBay, Tesco and ASOS are the examples of online stores. There are thousands of online stores selling different types of products. Companies like Amazon and eBay sell products under a wide range of categories. On the other hand, some online stores operate in a niche category. They sell products related to a particular category only. For example, there are online stores that sell only office supplies, health products, clothing, baby's products, beauty products or garden products.

How Do Online Stores Work?

There are two types of online stores. The first type of online stores sells their own products. Some of them have their own storage center where they store their products. They ship the products after receiving the orders. Other sellers do not have any storage center and do not keep any product. They only operate an online store and use dropship system to sell products. In this type of system, the seller collects the product order and sends the order information to the dropship company which then ships the product to the customer. The second type of stores provides only a platform for the sales of products. When a buyer places the order for a product, the order information is conveyed to the seller selling that product. The payment made for the product remains with the ecom company operating the online store. The seller ships the product to the customer. Once the ecom company learns the product has been delivered to the customer, it releases the payment to the seller. It charges the seller a commission for every sold item.

How Do Online Stores Hold All of the Products?

It depends on the way the seller is operating. Some sellers have their own storage centers where they keep the products they sell. Some individual sellers keep products in their home itself. The sellers who are using the services of a dropship company do not have to worry about keeping products. They only collect the order and pass it to the dropship company. Dropship companies keep products in their storage centers. Online stores that connect buyers and sellers leave it to the sellers where they store their products. Some large online stores offer storage house services to their sellers. There are third party vendors that offer storage house services to online sellers.

What Can Be Purchased Online?

Almost all types of physical, digital and financial products available for sale can be ordered online.